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2020 – The year of the marshal

As we start a new year and a new decade, we also work our way closer to the start of another circuit racing season. The time of year when old friends get back in touch and you share stories of what you’ve been up to over the winter period, most conversations start with “I can’t believe how long ago last season was” even though it has only been two or three months since you were last in orange, maybe even less time.

That’s not the only thing that is new though in 2020. You may have noticed, especially if you check the site regularly that we have a new look to our site. We are hoping that the new design will allow you to navigate better and bring you to some of our other projects in 2020.

We will be showcasing stories of marshals from around the world.

Marshals Matter

Throughout this year we will be showcasing some marshals from around the world, that’s right from all four corners of the globe we want to share some of the best stories in our very orange campaign that we are calling #MarshalsMatter.

You can follow the campaign by using the hashtag above or by looking at our marshal’s stories here. If you want to take part in the campaign then we are more than happy for you to get in touch, from there we shall send you the questions to answer and build your story to share with the marshalling world. Whether you’re a bike marshal, rally marshal, scrutineer, cadet marshal (with you parents’ consent of course), from America, Canada, Belgium or Australia we would love to hear your unique stories and views.

Join the boys as they discuss marshalling with a little bit of humour.

Podcast In Orange

Last year, we launched our very own podcast which ran for a few episodes, this year we are bringing it back. We are hoping to bring you one episode a month, sharing with you some fun stories, interesting updates on marshalling and of course have our general chit-chat.

You can listen to the current episodes here on the page dedicated to our podcast.

If you want us to cover a particular topic in one of our podcasts then please feel free to get in touch or even record your question and we will play it out on the show and try and answer your question.

The little orange shop

Over the past 18 months you will have seen ‘A Life In Orange’ badges on sale, due to their popularity we have decided that we are going to design and, hopefully, produce a range of ALIO merchandise.

From t-shirts to baseball caps, beanies to phone covers we are looking at the options that we can bring you. Once the shop is up and running you will be able to purchase straight from the website without any need of messaging us. We will look into how many different countries around the world we can get the items ship to as we don’t want anyone to miss out.


We’re not going to blog anymore – actually, this is a lie. This year we are hoping to produce more content than ever before. No pressure here.

We hope you look forward to what we are trying to bring you in 2020 – and if you want to get involved in anything then drop us line and we’ll get back to you.

So, in the words of Murray Walker: “It’s go! Go! Go!”

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