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A Celebratory Weekend with Friends

Now, I know in the last blog I mentioned that I would have been going up to Blackpool and marshalling a rally however, university studies cropped up and of course you do have to focus on which is more important. One of the simple joys of marshalling; it is totally flexible around you, no one will ever get annoyed at you just because you can only do six days in a year, you cut it to your needs.

Needless to say, I had to crack on with work if I was to enjoy my Motorsport themed weekend. A day of filming and editing meant I only left uni after 5pm and once I was home I had to get on with an application form which took me a mere six hours, this was due to having to watch two news shows. After a good sleep and work on my 3,000 word portfolio, I could finally focus on what the weekend was about and that was the BRSCC North West Dinner Dance.


Probably wouldn’t get away with turning up to a dinner dance like this.

After finally being prissed away from my uni work, I made my way to the hotel where the first thing on my list was to hit the gym and the swimming pool! There’s always a need to wind down before spending an evening with friends so you can enjoy the night to its full potential!

With this done I met up with my roomie, James, so we could get suited and booted for the night! Something that took longer than expected as I walked around the room brushing my teeth for ten minutes! Thanks for timing me James…….don’t know who I was going to impress though!


Just an excuse to pose as only the three amigos can. (Photo Credit – Jilly McNeil)

The whole idea behind these social events is to celebrate what the drivers have done throughout the year and to thank the marshals, but most of all it is to have a good time away from the circuit, a place to share a good laugh and a drink. The side of marshalling that really isn’t spoken about because it comes across as a pretty serious hobby, but if you think about it most marshals are mad for Motorsport, so if you find yourself sat in a room full of marshals, you know you’ve got something in common and you know you’ll have a good story to tell to people.

The social side also lets us have the rare occasion to have a little bit of a dress up, I mean yes we all like wearing our rather fetching orange overalls, but who doesn’t like putting on a suit now and again? I know James and I certainly took to the suit wearing rather quickly and posed for any photo at any opportunity we could.

So what, I’m trying to say is, if you think marshalling is this serious business of turning up and just waiting for something in the race to happen then you are mistaken. There is another side of marshalling that you can share with like minded people, and if you turn up to these events and have a good laugh and a chat with your fellow orange family, then you are more likely to get on with them when you’re on the bank, and that is always something that makes the days more enjoyable.

Written By – Robert Lee (@RobLee559 – Instagram/Twitter)

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