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A Life In Orange take part in #YourRoR

A Life In Orange has teamed up with TomTom3195 Gaming to raise money for Mission Motorsport charity.

The pair will be completing a 12-hour endurance gaming session on Call of Duty Warzone, as part of the #YourRoR challenge which has been introduced due to the cancellation of the Race of Remembrance.

Over the 12-hours the pair will aim to hit different targets set by anyone watching the streams and if they don’t a small forfeit will happen. The forfeits have yet to be decided.

The Race of Remembrance is an annual endurance race held at Anglesey Circuit and would have been gearing up for its seventh instalment of the event next weekend (6 - 8 November). However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the event was cancelled.

Rob Lee, owner of A Life In Orange, is no stranger to fundraising for Mission Motorsport as over the years he has; cycled from Mission Motorsport HQ to Anglesey Circuit (241 Miles), bleached his hair blonde, had his legs waxed and gone tee-total from alcohol.

Speaking of the latest fundraiser idea, Rob said: “I’ve always liked being involved in fundraising for the event in one form or another. It’s usually been something quite different I’ve done as well so this year I thought I’d give something comfy a go.

“The idea of 12-hour gaming was brought to me by Tom who will be joining me for the time, and hopefully we can have a laugh along the way. It’s not just about playing a game for half a day, there will be tasks and forfeits for us to do if we can’t hit targets that are set by those watching. There will also be the task of staying concentrated for that length of time as well.”

Speaking about the #YourRoR event James Cameron, CEO of Mission Motorsport, said: “It was a really tough decision to cancel the Race of Remembrance, but to protect our supporters, the competitors, beneficiaries, volunteers and employers, we had no choice. However, the show must go on, and while the shortfall of £50k is a bitter pill to swallow, particularly in these testing times, the remembrance service, with an endurance race attached, holds a very special event in all our hearts and we knew we had to do something.

#YourROR promises to be something truly special and we want people to get creative. What are they going to do to commemorate this weekend? In the spirit of Race of Remembrance, are they going to set themselves an endurance race of their own? Is it possible to find an event more foolish than RoR’s Biathlon of Foolishness - a fancy dress run and a dip in the Irish Sea maybe something along the lines of the Biathlon of Foolishness and get in fancy dress for a paddle in the icy North Sea. Whatever it is, we welcome everyone’s participation and we will be joining our community together, safely and online, to commemorate this weekend in true Mission Motorsport style.”

To watch the streams you can either visit:

A Life In Orange: https://www.twitch.tv/roblee559

TomTom3195: https://www.twitch.tv/tomtom3195

To donate to the cause please visit: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/YourRor12hrofGaming

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