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BRSCC – Winter Meeting a Season Finale

It’s said that every good story, every good film and every good act must come to an end. So as the sun set over Anglesey Circuit, I can safely say that the same can be said about a year of marshalling. The BRSCC Winter Meeting brought an end to my time on the bank for 2016 and capped off probably the best year I’ve had as a Motorsport Marshal.

The Sun setting over Rocket and the 2016 season.

The last meeting at Anglesey always stands out in the year, especially seeing as most race meetings there last a full weekend, this one only takes place on the Sunday. As this is a much more one off festive race meeting, a bit like Christmas day itself, we are all given the gift of a good laid back race day.

It may be the last meeting, but I don’t think that memo reached the drivers! The racing was fast, close, entertaining and of course there was a smattering of contact and spins; the perfect way to end the season. The Irish Global lights in particular put on a good show as they orchestrated their own rolling start and part way through their first race, three of them spun in unison. I gave them nine out of ten for execution.

The Global Lights provided great entertainment once again. (Photo Credit – Paul Williams)

As I was located on Post 15 at Anglesey, I was shocked with how quiet my day was. I only had to radio in a few ‘run wide and continues’ and a ‘spun and continued’ but other than that I only had to spring into action once when I had to get a car back into his correct grid slot. Being in third on the grid and spinning down to ninth on the green flag lap isn’t always a drivers finest hour, but from a startline point of view it does create a few problems.

A stunning backdrop to complete a stunning season. (Photo credit – Paul Williams)

Even though I may not have had a lot to do, I would highly recommend the Winter Meeting at Anglesey Circuit to anyone, as it is a good way to round off the year and it really does get you in the mood for Christmas and the festive holiday.

As the 2016 season drew to a close with every chequered flag that was waved, there was a feeling of mixed emotion from those in orange. There may have been an overwhelming air of sadness, mainly because it would be four months before the grumblings of track action return to Oulton Park or Anglesey, but you could sense some happiness as people were reflecting on their 2016 season and were looking forward to a short break so that they can make 2017 even better.

The end of track activity does ignite an alternative side to marshalling, one which is probably talked about in hushed whispers, you’ve heard about it, but is it really true? I am of course on about Rally marshalling. There are more events over the winter which appeals to some marshals, so if you’re one of them, then you should certainly look this up. I will admit I’ve never done a rally day, but I’m sure I can seek someone out in the coming weeks who will be willing to give you an insight here, on A Life In Orange, to see if it is really your cup of tea. Speaking of tea I hear there is lots of it drunk when out on rallies!

I may have digressed a bit there, but none-the-less the emotion at the track was mixed and there is an answer for everyone who might be feeling marshalling withdrawal symptoms. Personally I was sad I’d no longer be on the bank and that it would be months until I’m back because of how much I’ve enjoyed 2016. So as the last chequered flag fell, I gave myself the chance to reflect on my year and have decided I will pick my top five moments from this year, my favourite year of the six years I’ve been in orange.

It was a tough farewell to these snow capped mountains. 

Written By – Robert Lee (@RobLee559 – Twitter/Instagram) 

If you want to become a marshal or you are interested by it and want more information, visit the BMMC website here, to book a taster day or to sign up.

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