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CarFest North – Marshalling Madness

You may remember the two-part special I did last year about CarFest North 2017. No? Not even the fancy dress (link) or the astronauts (link)? Thankfully this blog is here to describe to you the antics of what the marshals got up to at CarFest 2018.


The crazy gang for CarFest North [Phil Rainford]

There are many things that make CarFest as amazing as it is. A jet-pack man, yes you read correctly a jet-pack man, was just the just the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake.

Marshal Madness

It’s safe to say that the usual professionalism of the marshals is not really existent at this meeting, due to the event being more of a demonstration than a race event. Yes, it something goes wrong we sort it in the usual way but, the nature of the event means it’s a weekend of having a laugh.

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Even a serious picture of everyone who is involved over the weekend is disrupted by someone taking a selfie. And let’s not talk about the opportunity to photo bomb! There is also wig Sunday which as you can imagine is exactly what is says on the tin.

To top it all off when the track activity is over the marshals are let loose on the concert with wild dancing and some fancy-dress costumes. The marshal team throw themselves into the event whole heartedly. And it shows! It is all about raising money for charity after all. Speaking of which.

Raising Money


Left to Right – Mike, Ashley, Pete. The trio who worked hard to raise money and make a bumper raffle. [Sian Williams]

Last year there were efforts to raise as much money as possible. This year is was dialled up to 11. Mike Morris, Pete Rowcroft and Ashley Harwood worked tirelessly for the months building up to the event selling raffle tickets and creating a bumper prize list.

Then there was the Sporting Bears Hot Ride raffle which was done over the weekend. Added to this was the general buckets that we had with us to collect the spare change off the general public and mix that with the fancy-dress outfits and suddenly everyone is donating.

The exact figure came in from Children in Need that; Mike Morris, Ashley Harwood and Peter Rowcroft along with the rest of the marshals managed to raise £4,263.71. The people were very generous. Ah yes, the people!

The People

Everyone is there for the same reason, to raise money for the good cause that is Children in Need. The people you meet throughout the weekend, whether they are celebrities, drivers, public or even the security have a smile on their face.

A special shout-out goes to security on turn 12 on the Saturday. Didi, provided us with a good laugh and even got herself involved in some marshalling when we gave her the speed gun to catch cars being a bit exuberant heading back to the paddock!

Also, to Everyone I danced with on the Sunday night, even remember the three people dressed as horses. To the people who interacted on the carnival, the people who stopped to talk to the crazy gang in orange. Thank you for making it such a good event!

Roll on next year.

Written by Rob Lee

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