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Five ways to make 2019 your marshalling year

As we draw closer to the start of a new season we all start filling out our calendars with the desirable races that we would like to do. Circling the big meetings and making sure we have enough holidays at work to make sure we can make it.

Instead of looking back on last year and saying what I enjoyed and what I thought I did well, I’ve decided to look forward to the 2019 season and use what I did to come up with five ideas you may want to try to make this year of marshalling one that you will never forget.

Moving on up, nothing can stop you

Is it time to get a new badge?

How many years have you been in marshalling now? Two? Five? Ten? Forty? And how many of those years have you been the same grade? There is of course nothing wrong with being content with the same grade as you have been for a while.

If you want a challenge though then maybe looking to the grade above what you already are is the way to go. The learning and new experiences will be tough but, may better you as a marshal besides the added responsibility may open up a new side of you which you didn’t know you had.

There are two blogs which have been done about upgrade, one from trainee to track and track to experience and don’t worry we will be getting more for other upgrades and specialities.

You’ve gotta role with it

We’re just pointing out there are lots of roles to try around the circuit. [Paul Williams]

Similar to the last point how long have you been doing the same role? Whether it be flag, incident, startline, pits or anything just how long have you been in that role? You may have found your niche and fallen in love with a particular duty but it may be worth trying something else just to see what it’s like. If you don’t take to the new role then the two things you have gained is more knowledge of how a race day works and even more love for your normal role.

If you do find something new to try out and you like it then not only have your again gained more knowledge but, you’ve also opened a whole new world of marshalling that you may have thought was previously unreachable for you or something you were too nervous to try. So maybe 2019 is the year you take the leap of faith?

Welcome to the club

We love the big meetings Formula One, World Endurance, Blancpain, British GTs, love them. Can’t get enough of the speed and power they bring along with dazzling good looks. This year though take time out from the hustle and bustle of the big meetings to fall in love with club meetings again.

Not only is it a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the racing is equally as good, just on a different speed level and if you’re on a tight budget rememberclub meetings run most weekends at your local circuit. It’s time to give the grassroots the cheering on they deserve.

Somewhere beyond the sea

Who knows where 2019 will take you.

On the complete other end of the spectrum compared to club meeting, if you’re one for travelling and the numerous race tracks in the UK don’t quite cut it for you, then maybe look beyond the horizon. I can hear you saying “It’s not that simple to just marshal abroad, it’s expensive and I have to book time off work” I completely understand this is an issue, but there are a few places on mainland Europe which can be accessible, Belgium for example provides a friendly atmosphere and after you consider the ferry prices and fuel along with your food for the weekend the amount may actually surprise you, especially if you get a travel buddy.

Or who you might meet on your travels. [Dave Smithson]

If you do have the money and the luxury of booking days off work let me just run this sentence past you – imagine standing on the bank in Australia as 20 Formula One cars come hurtling towards you. Of course we have a blog for that as well here, but imagine that could be you, an experience that I would say is priceless.

The font of all knowledge

A friendly bit of advice can go a long way. [Paul Williams]

Last but, certainly not least I have spoken about things which are a bit take, take, take but this last one is the opposite. One thing that you should definitely do this year is help someone learn. It doesn’t matter if they are new or experienced, you may just know something that could help them.

It’s not just the great sense of pride in passing on the knowledge that you have helped accumulate over the years in orange, but it is helping the grow and nurture the next group of marshals who will representing this great volunteer community at every race event in the world.

Don’t just tell them something either, show them, check up on them and listen to the questions that they are asking you – who knows it may just bring back a memory of when you were going through exactly the same thing.

Written by Robert Lee

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