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Marshalling Moment #2 – A Race to Remember

First of all, Happy New Year! The countdown to the 2017 season is firmly under way and it will be upon us in no time, so I guess it’s time to get writing again after a few weeks off.

So whilst we wait for the season, here is another countdown. It’s number two on my marshalling moments of 2016 and this comes from a great weekend on the shore line circuit of Anglesey.

Now there are many events that leave you with a lasting memory, a marshal could probably rattle off their first day like it was yesterday; mine was at Oulton Park at Old Hall, in the pouring rain when the  BRSCC NW visited. Their XR Challenge had a 33 car grid, 13 of them ended up at my corner, so needless to say I will never forget that day. However, what if a race meeting is built purely around remembering, not giving you a lasting memory, but remembering a lasting memory?

There is a race that does just that and it’s the Race of Remembrance, which takes place during Remembrance week in November.The whole event at Anglesey Circuit is focused upon the memories of those who’ve served and those who continue to serve the country, and use our very own memories to make it special.

The service in the pitlane with all competitors and marshals. (Photo Credit – David Williams)

The race itself is split into three parts; a Saturday night race, a Sunday morning session and a Sunday afternoon session. I can see you scratching your heads thinking what is important about this? Well between the two Sunday sessions the race is stopped for the Remembrance Day Service, a sight that is to behold when you are in the presence of service personnel.

The whole occasion of the race is the togetherness and how we all share the same passion for Motorsport. This togetherness brings with it some brilliant drivers, no I don’t mean Lewis Hamilton because whilst he is a very good driver, he’s not brilliant. I’m talking of injured ex-service men and woman, not only driving in cars, but working on them, getting them race ready. These beneficiaries to the great charity that is Mission Motorsport, mixed in with other disabled drivers, professional drivers and celebrities, including former Olympic Cyclist Chris Hoy, make the racing breath taking.

The Mission Motorsport team who get the even organised. (Photo Credit – Mission Motorsport)

All these factors added together make the racing pretty special and I’m glad I was a part of it. However, this year the week leading up to it made the racing even sweeter when I arrived. I was able to give something to Mission Motorsport to help support them on their amazing job that they are doing. You may have heard of some marshals taking on a bike ride from Mission Motorsport HQ to Anglesey Circuit. Well I was one of them, I actually wrote a blog on it!

The 231 mile trip took everything out of us physically and mentally, and whilst on the ride it gave us a good idea that no matter how tough or how hard the thing we are doing is, we won’t have gone through anything compared to those who have served the country or face their daily fight against their disability.

As we crossed the line we all looked to the pitwall for a humbling sight. 

As we all ploughed on with our bike ride, realising that this was easy compared to what some people have to go through, when we reached the track we were greeted by a sight that I thought I would never see! All the beneficiaries, drivers, marshals and any one who was around all cheered us across the line.

It was at that point the true meaning of the Race of Remembrance came to me. It’s not about the racing, it’s about the community and togetherness that Motorsport provides and for that reason I encourage any and every marshal to make their way to the Race of Remembrance next year.


Written By Robert Lee (@RobLee559 – Twitter/Instagram)

If you have been inspired, have been a Motorsport fan all your life or are wondering how to visit these great events and have the best seat in the house, then follow this link here, to find out more.

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