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Marshals Track Guide  – Anglesey Circuit

When we first start marshalling, we tend to hold onto the track where it all started. However, at one point we will decide to let go and explore a new track. This can help build our experiences and aid our knowledge, as other circuits could do things slightly differently which allows us to learn more and develop as marshals. If you are thinking of doing this, carry on reading because I’m going to explain why you have to visit Trac Mon circuit on Anglesey.


On the coast of the Welsh Island of Anglesey, between Rhosneiger and Aberffraw, lies one of Britain’s youngest tracks; fully licensed back in 1997 before being reconfigured in 2006, it really is a hidden gem when it comes to race tracks. The track has a lot to offer from a marshalling point of view; due to its layout, you can see all the action meaning, for flag marshals, you can follow the race slightly easier. For an incident marshal, the speed of the track means you’ll be very busy, especially at Rocket corner.

The width of the track attracts the racing series, as the drivers know they will always get the best out of the money they spend. Again this means more work for us, as with the closer racing, sometimes it gets a bit too close and we again have to spring to action.


As the sun sets during the 24hrs of 2Cvs, the marshals keep on going.

Anglesey has managed to attract a few race meetings in the year which are always recommended to marshal. The 24 hours of 2CVs, which will get a blog of its own later in the year, brings the action of close racing and the amusement of 2CV’s to the island and I have to say it is a great race to watch. The Drift Matsuri brings a slightly different approach to action, and a good one for marshals if they like their cars going sideways.

However, all this said, the biggest race of the year is the Mission Motorsport ‘Race of Remembrance’. I would suggest that any marshal who wants to feel as involved as they can get along to this race. For the past two years, it has been held at Anglesey and it won’t be leaving any time soon. So if you have a weekend spare in November, then this is your race.

By this point, I can hear you thinking, “well what about the travel, I live many miles away and can’t just nip there for a day”? Luckily the meetings held there tend to be full weekends, so you can make it a little weekend away.  I forgot to mention as well, that being at Anglesey means we are blessed with one of the best views in racing. Snowdonia National Park provides a jaw-dropping background to some perfect racing.


The view from Rocket is a breathtaking one as Snowdonia provides a great backdrop

Like every race track, when it is sunny, there is no better place on earth. So a word of warning when you come to Trac Mon; if it rains it comes in sideways and hard, but at least that gives us more to do because at the end of the day a busy day on post is even better.

If this has got you thinking ‘I might give that track a go’, then you need to get a weekend sorted and head up to this great track because one last thing I forgot to mention is, that the circuit is very welcoming of any marshals who are willing to lend a hand.

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