• Rob Lee

New track for a new normal

As normality seems to be returning to life in general, this means that marshalling is slowly heading back to what it once was.

Even though there have been multiple race meetings every weekend since the beginning of April, I have found myself only completing two. Of course, there are multiple reasons why my numbers are so low, but let's move onto the most recent of two race meetings that I have attended.

The New Track

I like to try and add one new circuit a year to my calendar, whether this is in the UK or abroad. This has led me to some great circuits and allowed me to meet some fantastic people.

I've ticked off some great tracks, Spa Francorchamps, Le Mans, and Sebring to name some internationally and; Croft, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, and Knockhill to name some in the UK. However, there is one track that I've heard very good things about and never made the journey.

Mallory Park, buried in the heart of Leicestershire, is one track that I don't think I've heard a bad word about. Intrigued by what makes it so good, the other Saturday I decided to end down for an event.

My first impression of the meeting was, 'this is an early wake up to get to a track for one day,' but less than 100 miles later my tune had changed dramatically.

There were no huge corporate sponsor boards, no gigantic run-off areas, all it had was a 1.4mile ribbon of tarmac that carried the characteristics and weight of a circuit that would cost billions to design and make. It was a great-looking circuit with fast corners, quick straights, and a slow hairpin....oh, and an oval track.

From the moment the first wheel turned everything that had been said about the circuit came to light in front of me. The racing was closer than anything I'd seen in a long time add the fact it's such a short circuit, the laps were relentless, which I loved to see.

The one-mile oval that Mallory Park has means there can be a variety of racing styles on the same day and for my journey down there we were treated to pickup truck racing on the oval. Lap after lap for 20 minutes the pounded round inches away from one another, and I loved it.

My final point that I want to add about this great circuit is how close you are to the track when you have 30 cars flying around, inches away from one another, lapping around 40 seconds at a time. Being as close as you are at Mallory, just adds another level.

I probably haven't done it full justice of just how good it was, all I can say is you really need to go there. It is worth the journey to be massively entertained for a day or two, I know I'll be going back.

A brief message to those in waiting

If you have been unfortunate enough to be sitting out marshalling for over a year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I can say your time is soon coming and I know you will get to fall in love with marshalling all over again.

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