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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marshalling

Motorsport! Glitz, Glamour, that Rock and Roll lifestyle by the sea, on yachts, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Champagne on tap, the most exotic locations at your finger tips. For everyone in Motorsport……even the marshals?

Sometimes overlooked, maybe invisible, most important! – (Photo Credit – Pieter Melissen)

After a bit of studying, especially at university for a module, it is clear why marshalling isn’t as much in the spotlight as the drivers and the teams. Marshals don’t take the spoils of winning and in tricky conditions they aren’t seen fighting for grip to maintain the lead. The money doesn’t roll their way either; we don’t get millions for completing a race season.

To bore you slightly with the Social Theory, it is something Shuart described in his Celeb – Hero matrix. The fact that a marshal is a low celebrity and low hero for the majority of our time, we seem to blend into the background. So, whilst it is good when Martin Brundle mentions the Orange Army on TV, is it enough?

Well to put it bluntly, no! So how can we raise our profile?

I’m a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

Sometimes it’s about playing it cool. [Photo: Paul Williams]

I’m not saying go the full Rock ‘n’ Roll and smash up a hotel room, no not one bit, but if you do have a hotel room and everything can be thrown out the window without an expensive bill at the end, then I’m your guy!

After that small tangent, what I’m saying is that kids think Rockstars and Racing Drivers are cool, so marshals have to be the coolest! Coming across as someone super-cool in sunglasses and being so close to the racing surely will appeal to someone, and those orange overalls do make for a dashing combination.

Here, There and Everywhere

How about America for the F1? [Photo: Paul Williams]

A thrill of being a driver and part of a race team is that travelling factor, being at a different location every weekend, jetting off to far off places. This isn’t a far fetched dream for a marshal, as they can also do the same thing. I’ve heard of stories of British marshals in Australia, and of course there has been a blog on a trip to the USA for the F1!

Or Germany for a 24 hour race? [Photo: Andrew Roberts]

Marshals are needed at every race meeting, and you can decide which ones you want to go to. Some do take a little bit more effort than others, but the chance to marshal here there and everywhere still exists.

Something a Little Quirky

If the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle isn’t for you, maybe there are other ways you want to draw attention to marshalling in a good way? For me this website is exactly that; writing about marshalling and sharing experiences of those dressed in orange can surely only help raise the profile of those who give up our days in the name of Motorsport entertainment.

I don’t know who is happier? Bruno or Ewaen? [Photo: Paul Williams]

Something slightly more quirky can always help as well; I’m sure if I mentioned Ewaen the sheep , every marshal in the country and probably the world will know who I mean! The stuffed sheep is somewhat of a celebrity and there are a number of pictures of him with famous racing drivers and figures of Motorsport. Now you may not agree with it, but the fact that a sheep is helping people become aware of marshalling, then it works for me.

Share, Share, Share! 

No not the singer, but share the word of marshalling, spread it everywhere. The stories you tell are priceless, as it could be one thing that you say which is the click which causes someone to get into marshalling. You can be as Rock ‘n’ Roll or as quirky as you like, but you and every one of us are the best advert for our great hobby!

So get sharing those stories!

Written By – Robert Lee (@RobLee559 – Twitter/Instagram)

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