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Sombre Moment at Spa Francorchamps

Sitting here reflecting on the weekend I had just had at Spa-Francorchamps for the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix, it’s hard to look past the tragic event that occurred on Saturday afternoon. I will eventually get to the details of the great post I had whilst marshalling, the action-packed race that was witnessed, the brilliant group of friends I had travelled to the event with and of course the fun that was had on the driver’s parade. It is only right that I start with the sad moment of Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa.

A fitting tribute to Hubert on Post 7 [Rick McPie]

Following a horrific crash on lap two of Saturday’s FIA F2 race, Hubert sadly passed away having succumbed to his injuries and Correa was left in a stable condition in intensive care have broken both legs and suffered a minor spinal injury. Following an incident like this, the whole circuit stops for those not directly involved. The rescue teams, extrication units, ambulance and marshals on the post of the incident get ultimate priority whilst the rest of us have to sit around hoping to hear good news.

Listening to the post chief’s radio it’s hard to piece together what is happening when you have to translate it from French and then when the rest of the day’s track activity is cancelled you only get this uneasy feeling of the worst. Travelling back to the campsite with only the welfare of those involved in my mind I am constantly refreshing the FIA website and F2 twitter page to get any scrap of news.

After a short while back at the campsite, the news finally comes through that with great sadness Anthoine Hubbert had passed away. My heart became heavy and sympathy went out to his family, friends and rest of the motorsport paddock.

Humble, vibrant, intelligent and passionate… The Frenchman will be deeply missed pic.twitter.com/odygVN14XM — Formula 2 (@FIA_F2) September 1, 2019

At our evening meal in Stavelot, it seemed only right that we could raise a glass to a man who had been racing and doing something he loved had tragically paid the ultimate price. The tributes didn’t stop there, however, at the track the next day there was more respect paid, a parade lap for the ambulances, rescue units and extrication vehicles took place.

There was a minute’s silence before each race, a round of applause on Lap 19 of the F1 race, black armbands were worn by all marshals, officials, teams and drivers and some marshals posts held a blue, white and red flag at half-mast to recognise the fallen driver.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Anthoine Hubert’s family and friends whilst wishing Juan Manual Correa a complete and speedy recovery.

Be sure to check back at the next article where I talk about the rest of the Spa weekend.

Written By Robert Lee

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